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Southall Memorial United Methodist Church


Southall Memorial Church has been placed by God in the beautiful countryside of

Southside Virginia to witness to His love and saving grace. Surrounded by the

small village of Saxe in Charlotte County, the church has known times of numerical

prosperity and times of challenge. Today, Southall Memorial continues in faithful

witness as it overcomes the recent loss of many of its older members and reaches

out to young and old alike to become disciples of Christ. Blessed with inspiring

facilities for worship and ownership of a former schoolhouse which now serves

as a community center for Saxe, our church is in a unique position among smaller

churches. Sunday School and Worship each Sunday are at the center of our

activities. Traditional functions sponsored by the church include stews, fish fries,

and homecomings.


Church History 


At the turn of the twentieth century, a Methodist Sunday School was conducted in private homes in Saxe. The pastor of the Charlotte Charge, Rev. J. K. Walker, was instrumental in organizing the church and beginning the task of building a sanctuary. Mrs. Elizabeth Jeremy, the mother of Mrs. W. H. Crews and Mrs. W. R. Lipscomb, gave the land for the church, a lot measuring 130 by 180 feet. On November 28, 1907, the deed was delivered to the Trustees of the church: R. R. Roberts, J. M. Lipscomb, W. H. Crews, F. I. Carrington, and E. C. Moon. The church was completed in 1908 at a cost of $1,500. 


The church was named "Southall Memorial" in memorial of the Rev. John David Southall, a relative of Mr. R. R. Roberts, one of the principal promoters of and contributors to the new church. 


Some years after the church was built, John H. Pettus solicited money and helped to install the bell. In 1929 three classrooms were added to the rear of the sanctuary, costing $2,000. Building committee members were E. C. Moon and W. H. Dawson. 


In 1955 a basement was dug under the classrooms and a portion of the sanctuary and three classrooms and a furnace room were added. $40,000 was spent on the installation of a heating system. 


In 1962 the entire church was remodeled. New pews, a new pulpit, communion table and stained glass memorial windows were added to enhance the beauty of the church. The project cost approximately $6,000. 


In 1973 the Saxe Community House (once used as the schoolhouse) and the Saxe Cemetery were deeded to the church. The cemetery on the hill overlooking Saxe is beautiful and well kept with a perpetual care fund established by the church. Other recent improvements to the church facilities include chandeliers given by the Walter Crews family; a set of chimes placed in the belfry in memory of Mrs. Mabel J. Crews, a steeple in memory of Arthur Grey Crews, pews in memory of Grover and Bessie Moon, James Bailey Lindsey, and Wilson and Georgia Lindsey. 


Southall Memorial's "Saxe Community Center" is a center for community and church events from voting to youth retreats. Purchased by the church after World War II, the building had previously served as a school house.

Southall Memorial
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